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4 Automatic Transmission Issues You Should Never Ignore

An automatic transmission allows your vehicle to operate effectively, letting you change gears as the vehicle moves without having to shift the gears manually. It is also responsible for helping your vehicle to run and stay cool. Unfortunately, there are some common transmission issues that can quickly turn to major problems if they are not addressed. If you notice any of the following signs, do not ignore them. Get your car into a mechanic as soon as possible.

Rough Shifting

When an automatic transmission is running smoothly, the gears change on their own while you are driving, and you barely notice it. However, when they aren't smooth, you definitely notice the difference. If the shift changing seems rough, and if you feel a thud or clunk when it is attempting to shift gears, your transmission is having some problems that need to be fixed. Another thing you might notice is that it is harder to get up to the speed you want. These are all signs that you need to bring in your vehicle to be looked at.


You should never ignore any leaks you notice, including a transmission fluid leak. When you pull your car out of the garage or driveway, take a minute to look down at the ground in front of you. Do you see any spots you didn't notice before? If you're not sure if they're new, put some cardboard down before you pull your car in. When you retrieve your car, back it up, then look at the cardboard. You will be able to see if they are new and active leaks. Transmission fluid is usually a reddish color, though it may be brown or a darker red. If you notice a transmission fluid leak, get your car into a mechanic like Budget Automotive Center.

Gear Slipping

Another transmission issue related to the gears is when the gears feel like they are slipping. It will usually feel as if you are driving in one gear, and then it changes gears -- but not at a time when it should be changing gears. This is called gear slippage and is usually a sign that something is wrong with your transmission. Aside from feeling the gears shift, you may also hear a whining or high-pitched sound when the gears slip.

Dashboard Warnings

You should never ignore the check engine light or other dashboard warning lights. While none of these are specifically for transmission problems, having an issue with your transmission can trigger one of these warning lights. It is best to get your vehicle looked at when one of these lights comes on. It may be nothing, but having it inspected is definitely worth it so you avoid more serious repairs later down the line.