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Four Tips To Help You Make Your RV Restoration More Modern And Up To Date

If you want to enjoy traveling, and RV can be a great way to travel. There are many options for new RVs, but the problem is that these are not in everybody's budget. If you want to enjoy traveling in an RV, buying a used RV is a great option. The problem with used RVs is that they can sometimes be a little outdated. This can be fixed with a few renovations and improvements such as installing solar panels for power, or using lightweight materials for finishes and furniture. These things can help you to make an old RV more modern and ready for the road. Here are four things that you may want to do for modern renovations to your old RV:

1. Installing Renewable Energy To Produce Electricity

One of the first concerns that you may have for your RV is being able to produce electricity. This can be done by installing things like solar membranes on the roof of your RV. Another great option is using retractable vertical windmills.  You will have to consider the amount of batteries, converters and controllers used in your RV.  You will want to keep these things to a minimal and dedicate space for this. You may want to consider dedicating a small amount of cabinet space for these systems.

2. High-Efficiency Appliances To Install In Your RV Restoration

Energy consumption is important to help you reduce fuel costs and make your RV more independent. Using energy-efficient appliances for your RV can help you to accomplish this. This can also help you to reduce the amount of equipment you need for things like solar power, batteries and generators. Using minimal size appliance can help you to increase the energy efficiency of your RV. You may want to use a stove with one burner, as well as a smaller refrigerator that uses a minimal amount of electricity.

3. Reduce The Weight Of Your RV With Lightweight Finishing Materials

With an older RV, you may have things like wood and particleboard finishes. These materials can add a lot of weight to your RV, which can affect fuel efficiency and driving comfort. You may want to consider using lighter materials in your RV. Carbon fiber materials can be a great choice, as well as things like vinyl paneling. Wherever possible, you will want to use these materials. You can even create new cabinet doors with these materials and other small finish items to reduce the weight of your RV.

4. Automation And Modern Communications Systems To Connect Your RV

Automation is something that can be found in many modern homes. You can also add automation for your RV. You may want to consider having things like navigation installed for your RV. You can also wire it with modern home networking, a TV antenna and other systems for things like satellite internet and telephone if you plan to spend a lot of time in your RV.  You can also have a lot of the same automation installed in your RV for things like AC, lighting and other features that you want to add automation to.

These are some of the things that you may want to do to give your old RV some modern renovations. If you want to start on an exciting restoration project, contact a used RV dealer (such as Orangewood RV Center) to get an RV to restore and give a modern makeover.