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4 Signs Your Car Transmission Needs Repairs

If your car transmission is in dire need of repairs and you don't get them done in time, it could mean you'll have repairs that are a lot more costly down the line. It is important to pay attention to the signs the transmission is giving you so you can get to the mechanic as soon as possible. Here are some common signs that your transmission needs repairs.

There is a Burning Smell

One of the first things you may notice when your transmission is in need of repairs is a burning smell. Transmission fluid usually smells sweet, but if you notice a leak of fluid and it smells like it is burning, your transmission might be overheating. An overheated transmission can cause many other problems, so you should never ignore the burning smell. It can even be coming from other parts of your car, all of which require a trip to the mechanic.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

If you have a manual transmission and are having problems putting the car into the right gear, you should have your transmission looked at. Even if you drive an automatic vehicle, you may notice difficulty with the shifting gear mechanism. For example, if you are driving and step on the gas, only for it to feel like the car is still stuck in the lower gear, that could be a transmission problem. The car may also shift gears for no apparent reason or make a jerking motion when shifting gears as you drive.

You Are Leaking Transmission Fluid

Your car might also have a visible leak of transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is a bright red color, so it should be easy to spot. When you pull your car out of a parking space or back it out of the driveway, look at the area where it was parked. If you notice a puddle of red liquid, there is probably a transmission fluid leak. First check the fluid to see how full it is, then fill it up. If you keep noticing puddles of fluid, you need to see a mechanic about the leak.

There Are Unusual Noises

You know your car enough to recognize sounds that are new and unusual. One type of sound might happen while shifting gears. If you hear a grinding sound when shifting gears, this could be from the transmission. You might also hear high-pitched whining sounds while driving your car. Other sounds include a buzzing or a clunking sound. These are all common when the transmission is in need of repairs.

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