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2 Signs There Is A Problem With Your Transmission

If your vehicle isn't acting right, it can be quite confusing to try and figure out what might be the problem, especially for someone who isn't mechanically inclined. Imagine your vehicle like that of your body. It has a lot of different components that make it all work together. If one component stops working properly, it can cause a whole host of other problems to ensue. The transmission in your vehicle is a very complex component that can be quite costly to repair if you neglect it. The best way to prevent a hefty repair bill is to get your vehicle looked at the minute something doesn't seem right.

Vehicle Isn't Responding Properly

Have you noticed your vehicle hesitating when trying to shift gears? If so, you need to get it looked at right away. When shifting from park to drive, your vehicle should go into gear without hesitation. If you have a slight delay before your vehicle kicks into gear, it might be an issue with your transmission. For a manual transmission, you might notice the RPM's surging and your car won't move very quickly. This is often because you need to replace the clutch. However, it might be something more that needs to be addressed.

The vehicle is leaking fluid

For the most part, leaks tend to be one of the easiest-to-recognize symptoms that something is wrong with your vehicle. Allowing the fluid to continue leaking from your vehicle is one of the biggest reasons as to why your transmission will end up breaking down on you. Fluid is the lifeline of the transmission. It keeps the transmission lubricated, clean and conditioned.

If your vehicle doesn't have enough fluid, it will cause the engine to cease working entirely. When things are working properly, the fluid should be a bright red color and smell a little sweet. Fluid that is dark or has a burnt smell to it needs to be looked at as soon as possible. When fluid disappears, that means you have a leak that needs to be fixed.

Your transmission is an integral part of your vehicle. If it doesn't work right, you aren't going to be able to get where you need to go. Anytime you notice something wrong, you need to make an appointment with your mechanic (such as Color Country Diesel Inc) and get your vehicle looked at. It might be something minor, or it could be something major that needs to be repaired right away.