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3 Automobile Problems You Should Never Ignore

Most people rely on their car every day to get them to and from work, or to run errands around town. Unfortunately, automobiles don't run perfectly forever, and they need regular maintenance, and most likely a few repairs during their lifetime. Ignoring auto problems or failing to maintain them properly is just asking for a broken down car and expensive repair. If your car has any of these issues, get it serviced or repaired promptly:

Screeching or Whining Sound When Braking

Your brake pads are an extremely important part of your braking system; every time you apply the brakes, the brake pads contract and applies pressure and friction to the brake rotors, which stops the wheel of the vehicle from turning. Brake pads have a limited lifetime, but they are designed to let you know when they need to be changed. As brake pads wear down, you will begin to hear a whining or screeching sound when braking your vehicle. The more worn down the brake pads get, the louder the sound will be. It is a really bad idea to drive with bad brake pads- not only can it be very dangerous, but failing brake pads can cause a lot of damage to the rotors and result in a very expensive repair. Brake services are typically affordable, so it is a good idea to get your brake pads changed as soon as they start making noise.

Fluid Leaking From Your Vehicle

When it comes to automobiles, a fluid leak is never a good thing. A number of auto systems require specific fluid, so any fluid on your driveway can come from one of several places. If you spot fluid that is dark in color, it may be due to leaking oil, transmission fluid, or power steering fluid. Driving with leaking oil, power steering fluid, or transmission fluid for a long time can eventually result in your car breaking down, as maintaining the proper fluid levels is essential for the engine, transmission, and power steering system. Try putting a piece of cardboard under your vehicle so you can get a better idea of what color the fluid is, and then take the vehicle in to a mechanic for a full diagnosis and repair.

Unusual Smells

When a vehicle is in good running condition, you should not smell any thing abnormal when driving. The presence of smoke from under the hood or a burning smell may be a sign that oil is burning. This means that oil is somehow leaking and then hitting the hot engine, which burns the oil off. It is very important for your vehicle to have the proper oil levels, so if you smell burning oil there is a good chance that there is a leak, which needs to be repaired by a mechanic (like those at Alaskan Auto Center Inc).