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Avoid Pricey Transmission Repairs During A Road Trip With These Simple Tips

Leaving on a road trip can be an exciting time, but it does come with a lot of unique challenges since you'll be depending on your car for the length of the trip. While checking the tires and fuel may seem obvious when at rest stops, it's also a good idea to look into how to best care for the transmission.

With the average cost of repair being around $2,800 for transmissions, it's crucial for you to look into some simple tips for keeping it in the best condition while on the road.

Refer to Your Owner's Manual for Instructions

The easiest way to make sure that you're caring for the your transmission properly is by referring to the owner's manual included with your car. A quick look at your manual can help give you important information such as how to check the transmission, how much fluid it needs, and more.

Change the Transmission Fluid Regularly

Keeping the transmission fluid clean is as easy as regularly refilling the tank. If the fluid is allowed to get too low, it could lead to transmission failure. When refilling the fluid, make sure that it is transparent in color and doesn't have any strange odors.

Take Care of Routine Hose and Belt Replacements

The hoses and belts in your car can make a big difference in how well the transmission runs. Inspecting them for any signs of wear or cracking is crucial to preventing a major transmission repair being needed along with replacing them when necessary.

Avoid Putting Too Much Stress on the Brakes

It's likely that you'll run into traffic occasionally on your road trip, making it crucial to understand the potential problem of putting too much stress on the brakes. Riding the brakes can lead to premature transmission repairs being needed, so it's important to stay at a regular speed while on the road and avoid any kind of stress on your transmission.

Allow the Car to Warm Up First During Colder Months

If you're going to be taking your road trip during the colder months of the year, it's important to allow your car to warm up before getting on the road. This allows the engine to warm up, giving your transmission warm fluid that will help keep it running smoothly.

With the transmission being one of the costliest parts of a car to repair, you can drive more comfortably during your road trip with the knowledge that it's being taken care of properly. 

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