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3 Signs That You Need Transmission Repairs

Whether you drive an automatic or manual vehicle, transmission issues can arise, which can potentially put your car at risk of becoming non-operational. This can be a major inconvenience in your life, as it can prevent you from getting to and from work, school, and your personal errands. To ensure you catch transmission issues before they potentially escalate into bigger problems, you will want to check for signs that your transmission is failing. This will allow you to take the proper steps to ensure your transmission gets repaired by professionals before it completely fails on you.

Transmission Fluid Color:

The color of your transmission fluid should be red, so if your transmission fluid is reddish then you shouldn't be concerned about the quality of your fluid. However, if your transmission fluid is on the darker side, such as brown or black then you should avoid waiting any longer to have your transmission fluid replaced. Cleaner transmission fluid will help your gears shift more smoothly, which will provide a better and more satisfying commute.

Noises When Shifting:

If you hear any grinding noises or metal sounds when shifting into a higher or lower gear then this can definitely be caused by a cracked or chipped gear. Do not wait to have repairs done on this as this issue can definitely get worse in a short period of time. To ensure your car is able to shift properly, you will want to have your local mechanic replace any damaged gear, as this will prevent major complications from occurring.

Hesitation When Shifting Gears:

If your RPM's don't quickly react to your shifting then this can be caused by a failing or a burned-out clutch. This can be a major drawback in your car's performance, as it may delay your acceleration when driving up hills or accelerating after waiting at a red light. If you notice any sort of hesitation when shifting your gears then you will want to be sure that you take your car into a repair shop so they can inspect and potentially replace your failing transmission clutch.

By understanding what these issues mean, you will be able to take matters into your own hands and act quickly on them. This will ensure your transmission issues stay at a minimum, so you can obtain repairs and get back on the road quickly without having to spend a tremendous amount of money on a replacement transmission. Contact a repair shop, like Rolling Bay Automotive, with any questions.