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How Restoring Cars And Restoring Art Are Very Similar

Collectible cars are like fine art in many ways. If restoring art or restoring cars is a hobby to you, you may be surprised to discover that the two share many similarities. For example, if you were working on a Porsche restoration and a Rembrandt restoration, many of the same restoration procedures you would do to the car are the same for the painting. Here are some of the fascinating similarities.

Removing the Body from the Frame

Both cars and framed art have a body and a frame. to restore the body of the car or the body of the art (i.e., the canvas painting itself) you would remove it from the frame of the car or the frame around the painting. Section by section, you would meticulously look for holes, scratches, scrapes and flaking or peeling paint on both the body of the car and the body of the painting in order to repair them.

Repairing Peeling Paint, Scratches, and Scrapes

When you repair and restore blemishes on a Porsche or a Rembrandt, you have to use specific chemicals and tools. With both cars and priceless works of art, paint thinner is common. However, you do not simply douse a priceless car or priceless artwork with paint thinner. Instead you would use cotton swabs dipped in oil paint thinner on the painting and rag dipped in automobile paint thinner for the car. Working in a gentle and circular motion, you would slowly remove the paint from the scrapes and scratches and gently ease off any flakes of paint that are just hanging on.

Next, you would send the flakes or peels of paint from either the car or the painting to a paint manufacturer and restoration expert to get the paint color and composition perfectly matched. Once it has been perfectly matched, you can order pints or gallons of that paint for either the car or the painting that you are busily restoring. Then you would apply it in even strokes to the car or have a professional forger mimic the artist's brush strokes in order to restore the lost areas of the painting.

Filling and Repairing Holes 

Old paintings and old cars both accumulate holes over time. In order to restore both to their former glory, you need special types of glue. Body fillers and hole putty are perfect for filling in and virtually erasing any sign of holes in an auto restoration. As for art restoration, rabbit skin glue made the old-fashioned way (measured and mixed by hand!) are used to seal tears and small holes in paintings. If you have an old car that needs restored, consider contacting Porsche Services or a similar service to see to the vehicle.