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Does Your Car Have Bad Brakes After Being In Storage? Possible Problems That Need Fixed Fast

If you have recently taken your automobile out of storage where it sat all winter and you're noticing some issues with the brakes, you want to get the vehicle in right away. Not only is it dangerous to be driving a vehicle that has an error with the brake system, but it can also cause long term damage to the vehicle.

The problem with the brakes could be something that needs a quick fix, or something that needs a lot of work, but only a real licensed mechanic should diagnose the problem for you. Here are a few things you want to talk with the mechanic about when you pull in to get it checked out.

Brake Fluid Replacement

Many people are unaware that brake fluid needs to be replaced regularly, and they also don't know that the fluid attracts moisture. If your car has been in storage and has experienced extreme temperature changes, condensation could have occurred, and there could be a lot of moisture diluting the fluid and preventing your brakes from working properly. See if having the fluid changed and fills helps, and ask them to clear out the brake lines if they can.

Pad Replacement

If the pads were sitting with condensation on them or for a long time, they could have rotted while in storage. If they weren't in great condition when the vehicle was put away, this could also be the cause of concern. See if the brake pads are worn or rotted and need replaced before you wear them down further, which can damage the brake rotors. It's cheaper to fix pads, instead of having to replace the pads and the rotors.

The mechanic is going to look at all of the components of the brakes to see where the problem is coming from, and so they can fix your brakes to make the same. Make sure you ask how many miles the pads should last for if you have to get new ones, and ask when you should schedule your next brake fluid maintenance as well.

There are many issues that can occur with the fluids in your vehicle when you have it in storage for a long period of time, so make sure you get it in for a tune-up as soon as you take it out. Your brake problem needs to be fixed before you get on the road. If you're looking for a local brake service, visit http://www.twinsburggoodyear.com.