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5 Warning Signs You Transmission May Need Repairs

Being able to get to your destination each day with ease may depend on your vehicle. This will allow you to remain independent and avoid public transportation, as well. It's ideal to keep you automobile in the best possible condition to prevent it from breaking down and requiring expensive repairs. Taking care of the transmission and being aware of any potential warning signs can be extremely helpful to you.

Warning Sign #1: Won't go into gear

If you drive a car that has a manual transmission, this may require a bit more muscle work than many others. However, many people simply prefer this type of vehicle for a variety of reasons and it's not uncommon for sports cars to have a transmission of this type.

If your car refuses to go into any gear, this can be a red flag that you may need a repair. If you're fortunate, and the car isn't extremely old, you may only be low on transmission fluid.

Warning Sign #2:  Burning smell

If you smell something that's burning when entering or exiting your vehicle, this should be taken seriously. It's possible that you may have burnt transmission fluid, and this could be caused by your transmission overheating.  This could be potentially dangerous for your car and your wallet.

Warning Sign #3: Low transmission fluid

Keeping your transmission lubricated is beneficial to avoid repairs. The key to doing this is by ensuring you have the adequate amount of transmission fluid in your vehicle to do so.

Some of the common causes of low fluid include the possibility of having a leak, and this should be immediately evaluated by a professional.

Warning Sign #4:  Strange noises

The last thing you want to hear coming from your car is a clunking sound or whining noise. This may occur if you have transmission problems.

If you have your car in neutral, and it's making odd sounds, you need to have your transmission replaced.

Warning Sign #5: Sluggish

If your vehicle is having a hard time getting going and appears slow, you may need to have your transmission examined. This could be because your vehicle is having difficulty going into gear.

It's ideal to be mindful when driving your car because this can assist you finding a small problem before it turns into a big one. Be sure to rely on your transmission auto repair shop like Interstate Transmission & Automotive to help you with this today!