Exploring Automotive Electrical Faults

How Your Mechanic Could Save Your Life

Auto mechanics shoulder a lot of responsibility with the proper functioning of your car. What you may not know is that they are superheroes in disguise. They can save your life, when and where you least expect it. Here is how.

Recall Notices

If you do not receive a recall notice on your vehicle, or you simply lost it and forgot it, your mechanic could save your life. Most recall notices are sent because the dangers noted are potentially life-threatening if the affected vehicles are not repaired. Your mechanic would be looking over your vehicle, repairing it for other reasons, and receive a pop-up alert that your vehicle is part of a recall for some reason. At this point, he or she would ask you if you want to complete the necessary repairs for the recall, free of charge. By accepting the offer, your mechanic just saved your life, especially if the noted faulty parts were known to ignite or explode under certain circumstances.

Brake Line Leaks

Brake fluid is essential to stopping your car. If you cannot stop and your car is going to fast, a car accident is imminent and inevitable. When your vehicle is in the shop and your mechanic notices a brake line leak, it is a relatively quick fix that could prevent tragedy.

Gas Line and Tank Leaks

Gas line and gas tank leaks are equally dangerous. When these develop, your car throws off tons of fumes that gather in a tiny space and can choke off oxygen to your brain, thus killing you. When the vehicle sits outside and leaks all over, it only takes a cigarette butt to ignite the leak and cause an explosion. While taking advantage of car repair services, leaks are noted so that you can address them as soon as possible and live to breathe another day.

Thank Your Mechanic

The next time you take your vehicle in for repair or maintenance services, thank your mechanic for saving your life. He or she might look at you quizzically because the job is all in a day's work for him/her. However, when you explain that what he/she does changes the outcome of any future event, he/she will understand and appreciate that you have thanked him/her for a job well done. Just be sure you follow through on the recommendations of your mechanic and repair those things which could cause you serious, even fatal, harm.