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Why You Shouldn't Ignore Delays In Movement With Your Vehicle

If you start noticing that your car experiences delays in movement, this could mean that your car's transmission is starting to fail. When a transmission begins to wear out, a car's "check engine" light will usually come on. If your check engine light is on and you are feeling delays in movement, take your car to a transmission repair shop as soon as possible.

Types of delays you might experience

A delay in movement can occur in several different ways while you are driving. The first type of delay you may notice is when you initially try to take off with your vehicle. If you press the gas and nothing happens right away, this would be considered a delay in movement, and this is not something you should ignore.

Another type of delay you may experience can occur while you are driving. If you are driving and are pressing the gas, you may notice a different type of delay. When this type happens, you will hear the engine rev up while you press the gas pedal, but your car does not move any faster. Instead, your car might slow down just a little bit.

If you notice any type of delay while driving, your car might have the initial stage of transmission problems. This includes delays in movement when you are driving your car in reverse too.

Reasons to get the car checked right away

Ignoring delays in movement and other signs of transmission problems will not make them go away. In fact, the problems will only get worse if you ignore them and fail to take your car to a repair shop.

A second reason to get your car checked is to save money. If your problems are due to something minor, you might be able to fix the issues for a relatively low amount of money. For example, if your car is low on transmission fluid, filling it up may solve the problems, and this would be a very affordable repair. If you did not check the fluid and fill it up, your entire transmission could break down, and replacing a transmission can be a costly repair to make on a vehicle.

Finding problems in your vehicle before they become major is important if you want to avoid break-downs. If you sense any problems with your car's transmission, schedule an appointment with a transmission repair shop, like AAA Commercial Transmission.