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3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Newly Tinted Windows

If you are planning on taking your vehicle in to have the windows tinted, it helps to know how to take care of your windows once the tint has been applied. Window tints tend to be strong and sturdy, especially if you take care of them properly right after they have been installed.

Keep Your Windows Up

Right after you have the tint installed on your windows, you are going to want to keep your windows rolled up. It can take a while for the window tint to fully dry and cure, which is why you want to keep your windows rolled up for the first few days after you have the tint installed on your windows.

Do not roll your windows down except in the case of an emergency for the first three to four days after you have the tint installed. This will help with the curing process and ensure that your new tint job is not compromised.

Don't Worry About Haziness

With many window tint applications, it actually takes a few weeks for the window film to fully dry, although you are able to open and close your windows again after three or four days.

If your windows appear to be a little hazy in appearance, wait a few weeks for this to clear up before getting concerned. New window tints are often hazy or look a little lumpy while the glue is drying and curing completely on your windows.

Don't press on your windows and try to fix this situation. Wait a few weeks for your windows to cure completely. If your windows are still hazy a month after the tint has been applied, that is when you should contact the shop that applied the tint in the first place.

Be Careful Around Your Windows

Be careful around your windows. When you take your seat belt on and off, make sure that you don't hit your window. This can easily happen, especially if you let your seat belt fast release. Be careful with loading items into and out of your car as well. Hitting your window film could result in little chips on your window film, which will compromise the integrity of your window film.

When you get your windows tinted, be careful with your windows. Don't roll your windows down for a few days, don't stress out and try to fix the haziness of your window film during the first few weeks, and be careful around your windows to avoid chipping the window film. If you do accidentally damage your tinted windows, contact an auto glass repair company for assistance.