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4 Truck Maintenance Tasks To Do This Fall Before Winter Hits

Soon, winter will be here, and you want your truck to be prepared for the changes in weather. The autumn months are a great time to consider truck maintenance that will protect your truck from winter weather. You want to do things like inspect brakes, change the tires, and revise all the fluids. Here are some of the other maintenance tasks that you want to do this fall before winter strikes:

1. Checking Tire Treads and Preparing for Icy Roads

One of the first things that you will want to do before driving on icy winter roads is check your tire treads. If you installed tires on your truck for summer driving, then you might want to change them for all weather treads for better handling in winter weather conditions. In addition, check old treads of tires to make sure that they have plenty of tread left on them and do not need to be changed before winter weather arrives.  

2. Revising All the Fluids to Prepare for Cold Weather

Another maintenance task that you need to do during the winter months is change all your fluids. First, you will want to check the oil to make sure that you have cleaning oil, which may need to be a lighter weight if you drive in extremely cold weather conditions. In addition, revise the transmission, power steering, and brake fluids to ensure they are ready for winter weather. You will also want to flush your radiator and add new antifreeze that guards against extreme cold weather conditions.

3. Ensure Safety with A Brake Job Before Winter Hits

It is also important to make sure your brakes are ready for winter weather driving conditions. You will want to check the brake pads, fluid, and the lines for any sign of damage. Having a good set of brakes is essential for good handling in winter driving conditions. The autumn months are a good time to have the pads changed and to do a general inspection of the condition of your brake system.

4. Charging and Changing the Battery Before Cold Weather

Winter weather can cause a lot of problems with different components of your truck, and the battery is one of these components. During the autumn months, you will want to check your battery to make sure it holds a charge. If your battery loses a charge quickly at the end of summer months, then you may want to replace it during the fall to ensure you do not have problems during winter weather.

These are some other maintenance tasks that you will want to have done before the winter weather comes. If you need help with making some repairs, contact a commercial truck repair service like C L Enterprises for help preparing your truck for the winter weather ahead.