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Is A Tire Plug Permanent?

When your vehicle suffers a puncture, one of the most commonly used repair methods is the use of a plug. The use of a plug has simplified the repair of tires to the point where a car owner can quickly fix a puncture on their own even if they're in the middle of nowhere.

However, after many people have used a tire plug to fix a puncture, many believe that is the end of the matter and will continue to ride on the same tire for months or even years. This gives rise to the question of whether the plug should be treated as a permanent solution.

Tire Plugs Are Not Meant to Be Permanent

There is no doubt that you can ride on a plugged tire for years without any incident, and many people have. However, it's important to always remember that tire plugs are not designed to be a permanent solution when fixing a punctured tire.

In fact, various expert groups have expressly stated that tire plugs should not be considered a permanent solution. Naturally, not everybody has heeded this warning, and people have died or suffered permanent disability as a result.

The Problem with Tire Plugs

A tire plug is an excellent solution when you're in an emergency, such as if you suffer a puncture far from a repair shop and don't have a spare tire. However, it's advisable that you take the tire to a professional tire repair shop as soon as possible to have it professionally fixed.

A tire plug can allow moisture to enter the tire, and after some time, this can accelerate the degradation of the tire. Such a tire can corrode from the inside, making the steel belts weaker and interfering with the bonding between wires and rubber layers. Such a tire can suffer a sudden loss of air, which can be very dangerous.

A Better Solution

Some car owners believe that patching the tires is a better solution because the inside of the tire is inspected first. However, patching can also allow water to seep in through the hole in the tread surface.

A combination repair is currently considered the proper way to fix a puncture. As the name suggests, a combination repair combines the patch and the tire plug to create a better seal. The patch/plug combination usually comes as a single piece. However, separate patches and plugs are used in some instances for the combination repair.

For more information about the best method to repair your tire, contact local tire services