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Signs Your Transmission Need Repairs

It can be very stressful when you realize there is a problem with your transmission and you need to take your car to a garage. It can be worrying and expensive, so the best-case scenario will be to find a professional mechanic who can carry out auto transmission repairs. Before you do anything, you need to work out if the transmission is the problem.

Engine Light

When the light comes on it could be for anything, but it may be a sign of transmission failure. Sensors that monitor the transmission are connected to the light and will use it to alert you to something going wrong. It is good that they pick up shortcomings quickly so you should act right away and catch the problem early and arrange auto transmission repairs.


When a car makes a noise, it can be hard to describe it, but transmission faults tend to lead to humming. The humming can signify other issues but normally it will be transmission related. If there are noises when you are in neutral, it can mean you have low transmission fluid. Changing the fluid may help, but if it does not, you will have to have more help.


If the car shakes when being driven, you should have the transmission inspected. With an automatic transmission, the beginning of the journey will be most problematic. With a manual car, shaking could also signify a problem with the clutch but still needs to be checked out by a professional. Auto transmission repairs should not be delayed.

Leaking fluid

When the leak comes from the transmission it should be dealt with as soon as possible. If it is left too long, you may find that you can't repair it at all, and it must be replaced. It will be easy to spot if it is transmission fluid as it will be bright red when it is fine and there will be a sweet scent to it. When there is a burning smell and the fluid is a darker color, then it needs changing.


The fluid level should be checked carefully as this could prevent safe gear changes. There could be other reasons, but transmission problems are most likely. Whatever the cause of transmission problems is, deal with it as soon as you can. You can contact auto services through websites such as ACTIONTRANSMISSIONPROS.COM for further assistance with these and other complications.