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Reasons To Replace The Windshield In Your Vehicle

Most people only replace the windshield in their car or truck if they need to. If the windshield has a crack or is broken, it makes sense to replace it, but there are some other reasons to replace the windshield in your vehicle that might not be as obvious.

Aging Glass

If you have an older car that you are restoring, the glass in the vehicle may be very old and brittle. Replacing the windows in the car with new glass is often the best way to bring the windows back to life. The glass may be pitted, molded, or have other problems that can not be easily fixed, so if you can find a replacement windshield, the best option may be to replace your old one. 

Optional Glass Styles

Some cars had optional windshields when they were made. One low-end model may have left the factory with a windshield that did not have any tinting on the glass, while a higher-level car may have had a gradient tint on the top edge of the glass or a radio antenna in the glass. 

If you have a car that has the basic glass but you want one with a tint or with the internal radio, talk to the local windshield company and have them get the optional glass for you. You can often upgrade the glass as long as it was an option for your vehicle when the car was manufactured. Check with the glass supplier to find out what models the optional glass fits or was used in, and check the local laws regarding your windshield before you have the glass changed, just to be safe.

Replacing Tinted Glass

If you buy a car that has tinting material on the glass, especially if it is on the windshield, you may need to replace the glass to comply with the law in your area regarding window tinting. Professional spray-on tints are very difficult to remove, and if the job was done right, it might be nearly impossible to remove the tint. Replacing the glass with a factory or aftermarket replacement glass may be the only option you have.

Check the laws in your area and have the amount of tint on the glass measured before you spend the money to replace all the glass. The cost of new glass can add up quickly, and if you are in compliance with the law, spending the money to replace the glass does not make sense for most situations. 

For more information, contact a company that offers windshield replacement services.