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Driveshaft Repair: 3 Instances When You'll Need It

Your car relies on the torque from the engine to rotate the wheels when you shift into drive. The prop-shaft is the part that sends this power from the engine to the wheels. This is especially so when you own a four-wheel drive vehicle that relies on a fit and healthy prop-shaft to deliver power to the front and back wheels. That said, excessive stress and corrosion may cause this part to fail, preventing your wheels from turning. Keep reading to learn the signs of a failing prop-shaft and when to schedule repairs by an auto mechanic. 

Squealing Sounds

Squealing prop-shaft sounds are often caused by worn U-joints. These joints connect the stiff rods when the axes are inclined to each other. That said, damaged or malfunctioning U-joints will inhibit proper prop-shaft rotation. When this happens, you will hear an unusual squealing sound. If this is the case, get your vehicle to a garage as soon as possible. A certified technician will examine the U-joints and ensure they are still in good shape. They will then grease them to remedy the squealing sounds.

Trouble Turning Your Car

Another common sign of a failing prop-shaft is if your vehicle fails to make sharp turns as it used to. Resistance or difficulty when making a turn could mean the prop-shaft is damaged. This issue is caused by a failing U-joint, which prevents the wheels from receiving the right amount of torque. That said, you may want to check the power steering fluid level before you visit an auto repair expert. Your technician will also check if the differential is faulty to determine the cause of the turning problem. Make sure your prop-shaft is repaired to prevent accidents due to loss of control.

Vibrating Steering Wheel 

When you feel the steering wheel vibrate after you speed up, then you may have a broken prop-shaft. This issue is particularly prevalent in front-wheel drive vehicles that use a half shaft.  A failing propeller shaft will vibrate at the steering wheel as you drive at low to medium speeds. But, this issue can also result from unbalanced tires, engine mounting issues, or poor road conditions. So, if you notice this vibration, it is a good idea to visit an auto repair shop to have your car inspected. 

Driveshaft issues can jeopardize the performance and safety of your car. If you notice any of the symptoms highlighted above, visit an auto repair shop to have your car inspected. The professional will ensure a functional prop-shaft for proper movement. For more information on auto repair, contact a company near you.