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Choosing Tires For Your Offroad Vehicle And RV

Offroad vehicles and RVs that travel off the highway may require larger RV tires and offer more support than standard vehicle tires. RV tires are often load-rated and have thicker sidewalls. If you know you will travel to a location that requires crossing some rough terrain, you may also want more aggressive tread and larger tires to give your vehicle more ground clearance.

Load Rated Tires

When selecting RV tires, you need to check the requirements for the vehicle to ensure the ones you are considering meet the requirements for how you will use them. An RV is often heavy, and if you are hauling ATVs and other offroad vehicles, you may need load-rated RV tires with additional reinforcement and higher weight capacities.

Often load-rated tires are available for heavy trucks, busses, and other large vehicles and can be used on your RV to replace the OEM tires that come on the rig. Taking your RV to a truck tire repair that also sells new tires is a good place to start, and they can help you determine the best tires for how you use your vehicle.

Load-rated tires often have four or six-ply sidewalls to help stabilize the additional vehicle weight and can withstand more abuse from rough terrain than standard tires. If you are going to use your RV in an undeveloped camping area, this can make a huge difference and help reduce the likelihood of a flat while you are away from repair services. 

Tread Designs

RV tires with an aggressive tread design are also available through truck tire dealers and can help provide the added traction you need if you are driving on dirt roads, loose gravel, or in snow or muddy areas. A standard-size RV with no modifications may not have room for larger tires, but in many cases, RVs used for primitive camping and boondocking start as truck chassis and have the RV body added. 

The tread design on the tires used under these rigs may be an all-terrain or combination tire tread that provides traction and ensures the ride is still comfortable when traveling down the highway. RV tires designed for road use only will offer the best ride, but they can be a problem if you are trying to drive over some sandy areas to a campsite or run into snow squalls along your route. 

The tire shop can help you pick RV tires that offer the best performance in multiple situations, help you get the right size for your rig, and will stand up to offroad travel or remote camping.

For more information on RV tires, contact a company near you.