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When To Take Your Car To The Repair Shop For Service

Many times you need some service or repair work on your car or truck, and knowing when to take the car to an auto repair shop is essential. Often you must decide if you should take the vehicle to a general service business, an auto repair shop, or the dealership to get things fixed, and each of these businesses has a purpose. 

General Auto Service

The general service you need for your car is not detailed repair work, so an auto repair shop is not necessary. However, you may still need a technician or mechanic with experience and who knows what they are doing under the hood of your car. 

Typically, these businesses specialize in things like oil changes, tire rotations, and chassis maintenance, and they may not be your go-to shop for engine repairs or transmission work, but the shop may offer low-cost service and auto repair if you need it. 

Many of these businesses are auto repair shops by definition because they make some repairs, but the scope of the work is where the difference lies, and that is vital to understand when you need work on your car. 

Auto Repair Shops

The local auto repair shop that offers many different repairs can be your best resource for most things on the car that stops working and need someone to inspect and repair them. The type of repairs these shops offer typically include basic service, brake repair, engine repair, tire care, and transmission service.

In many cases, the local auto repair shop does not limit itself to one service, and they may have several technicians working in the shop that can handle varying jobs. The flexibility of the shop is essential for the customer and often means you can get the repairs necessary at a decent service rate.

Many people find an auto repair shop that is small and personable a better experience when they need something fixed and may decide to use that same shop over and over to provide everything they need for their vehicle. 

Auto Dealerships

Most factory auto dealerships have an auto repair shop on-site, and when you need a repair under warranty or require some specialized training, these shops can be the best option. Some vehicle owners will take their car to the dealer for everything from oil changes to major repairs, and many dealer-based shops welcome that. 

However, the cost of general service can be higher at a dealership, so you may want to weigh that out before you decide where to have service and repair work completed. If you bought your car new, the dealer will sometimes offer free oil changes and general service inspections, but repairs are generally not included in that, so consider your situation before you take your vehicle to an auto repair shop when it breaks down.

For more information, contact an auto repair shop near you.