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Problems That Cause A Car To Shake While Moving

You might feel alarmed when your car starts shaking while driving. You might wonder why this is happening and what could cause this problem. In most cases, driving a car that shakes isn't dangerous, but it can sometimes be. You'll need auto repair when this occurs. Your mechanic might begin by checking the following things, as these problems can cause a car to shake.

Loose engine parts

Shaking while driving is a problem that can occur for many reasons. The first cause is loose engine parts. If a part in the engine becomes loose, it will vibrate. This vibration can lead to the car shaking while moving. A mechanic will inspect every part of the engine to determine if something is loose. If they find a loose part, they will tighten or replace it to remedy the problem.


One of the most common reasons for car shaking is tire issues. A tire problem can make the entire vehicle shake, but many tire issues lead to this issue. For example, over or underinflated tires can lead to shaking while driving. Your tires might also be out of balance, which might also lead to this issue. In addition, your tires could have defects. For example, if a tire has a large bubble on it, the car will likely shake when in motion.

Suspension issues

Your vehicle's suspension system helps your car drive smoothly and evenly. The suspension system absorbs movement, which prevents your car from moving a lot when hitting a bump. Unfortunately, suspension systems wear out. When they wear out, your car won't drive as smoothly. Instead, you'll feel every bump, and you might even experience a lot of shaking.

Bad transmission

In addition, a bad transmission can also cause this problem. Your car's transmission makes the tires move as you press the gas pedal. Automatic transmission shifts through the gears as you accelerate. However, a bad transmission can't accomplish these tasks smoothly. Thus, you might feel strange things occurring while driving, including shaking. An auto repair shop can test your transmission to see if this is the cause of the problem.

Contact an auto repair shop

You'll need to make an appointment with an auto repair shop when your car shakes. Minor shaking is nothing to worry about, but major shaking is a problem you should address. You can learn more by contacting an auto repair shop in your area.