4 Automatic Transmission Issues You Should Never Ignore

An automatic transmission allows your vehicle to operate effectively, letting you change gears as the vehicle moves without having to shift the gears manually. It is also responsible for helping your vehicle to run and stay cool. Unfortunately, there are some common transmission issues that can quickly turn to major problems if they are not addressed. If you notice any of the following signs, do not ignore them. Get your car into a mechanic as soon as possible. [Read More]

Bad Coolant Temperature Sensor? Symptoms And Tips To Replace It

Taking care of simple problems, like replacing the coolant temperature sensor in your car, can save you some money on car repairs. The following guide will help you diagnose a bad coolant temperature sensor and help you replace it if necessary. Symptoms Of A Bad Coolant Temperature Sensor One of the primary functions of your coolant temperature sensor is to tell you if the engine is overheating. But this sensor is also involved in proper air-to-fuel mixture. [Read More]

How To Make Basic Auto Body Repairs

Many people are afraid of making repairs to their own car. However, if your car has small dings, scratches or chips in the paint, you can make basic repairs even if you are not an automobile repair expert. This article will explain the tools you will need to make these basic repairs to your own car. Preparing the Car Surface The first thing you need to do is prepare the area. [Read More]

Bragging Rights Only: The Exciting World Of Rally Racing

While automobile rally racing has attracted global fans for more than a century, a fast and furious form has become increasingly popular within the past few decades. A growing cadre of non-professional drivers in the United States participates in special events where they race their autos on closed-off rural roads. Most of these drivers build their own racers, which rules dictate must be modified street-legal productive autos. There are no cash prizes for the majority of events – the entire satisfaction comes from the effort and the opportunity to earn bragging rights. [Read More]