5 Signs That You Need A Brake Inspection

Bad brakes are a major safety concern. For this reason, it's vital that drivers know when a brake inspection is a necessity. 1. Loud Noises Brakes can make a variety of noises as they fail. Sometimes they make a high-pitched squeal whenever you put pressure on the pedal. In other cases, you may hear a rumbling or grinding noise from the front end of the car when you depress the brake pedal. [Read More]

What You Need To Know About Bonded Titles

What Is A Bonded Title? This is a title that guarantees ownership of a vehicle in the event that you don't have the standard one. It could have been stolen or lost. When you buy a bonded title, you take legal and financial responsibilities with respect to the vehicle.  What Is the Use of Bonded Titles? A bonded title can be helpful when obtaining insurance. Or, when registering the vehicle. Besides, whenever in a legal dispute, bonded titles can be used to establish ownership. [Read More]

3 Common Causes Of Tire Flat Spotting

Tires are the only source of contact your vehicle has with the surface of a road. Without quality tires, the safety and maneuverability of your vehicle will be compromised. Drivers are aware of many different types of tire damage, including dry rot and punctures. Flat spotting is a type of damage that might be unfamiliar to modern drivers. Tires that are affected by flat spots can make thumping sounds while driving, make your vehicle difficult to steer, and create excessive vibrations when your vehicle is in motion. [Read More]

Key Component: How To Recognize Ignition Switch Problems

Many manufacturers now favor keyless ignition systems on their new vehicles. This design can feel modern and luxurious, but plenty of cars on the road still use traditional ignition switches. When you turn your car's key, you move the switch to one of several different positions. The "start" position is especially crucial since this allows power to flow from the battery to the starter motor. Modern ignition switches are more than simple electrical components, however. [Read More]