Problems That Cause A Car To Shake While Moving

You might feel alarmed when your car starts shaking while driving. You might wonder why this is happening and what could cause this problem. In most cases, driving a car that shakes isn't dangerous, but it can sometimes be. You'll need auto repair when this occurs. Your mechanic might begin by checking the following things, as these problems can cause a car to shake. Loose engine parts Shaking while driving is a problem that can occur for many reasons. [Read More]

When To Take Your Car To The Repair Shop For Service

Many times you need some service or repair work on your car or truck, and knowing when to take the car to an auto repair shop is essential. Often you must decide if you should take the vehicle to a general service business, an auto repair shop, or the dealership to get things fixed, and each of these businesses has a purpose.  General Auto Service The general service you need for your car is not detailed repair work, so an auto repair shop is not necessary. [Read More]

Choosing Tires For Your Offroad Vehicle And RV

Offroad vehicles and RVs that travel off the highway may require larger RV tires and offer more support than standard vehicle tires. RV tires are often load-rated and have thicker sidewalls. If you know you will travel to a location that requires crossing some rough terrain, you may also want more aggressive tread and larger tires to give your vehicle more ground clearance. Load Rated Tires When selecting RV tires, you need to check the requirements for the vehicle to ensure the ones you are considering meet the requirements for how you will use them. [Read More]

Buying Used Tires For Your Car? Know What To Look For

Do you need new tires for your vehicle but want to save a bit of money by purchasing used tires? If so, you'll definitely want to know what to look for to indicate that you are getting a good used tire. The Tread Start by looking at the tread across the entire tire, not just in a single place. You want to make sure that the tread depth is the same across the entire surface of the tire because uneven tread wear can be a sign that the previous driver had a problem with their vehicle that caused the tires to wear down prematurely. [Read More]