How To Fill And Paint Small Holes

There is nothing more annoying than small holes on your car body. Whether these holes are on the bumper or the door, they can look unsightly. If you leave the small holes unattended, they could even end up damaging and compromising the very structure of your car. This is usually the result of rust forming when the metal of your car body is exposed to the elements. This is why it is always smart to fix small holes in your car as soon as you notice them. [Read More]

What You Need To Know About Your Engine's Air Filter

When you drive your car, you come in contact with all sorts of things. It's not uncommon for bugs, dirt and other debris to fly towards your engine. Guess where many of these objects end up? Inside your air filter. Many vehicle owners understand that a dirty air filter is no good, but do you really know why? Make sure you understand the importance of your air filter and when to replace it to keep your vehicle operating in better overall condition. [Read More]

Engine Overheating? What You Should Do When On The Road

Your car's engine can overheat for a variety of reasons, but when it happens on the road, it can make the drive stressful. Even if you are just trying to drive your car a mile up the road to the nearest auto shop, you need to know how to prevent your engine from overheating. Follow these tips to ensure that your engine makes it to the shop without causing more damage to it. [Read More]

Does Your Car Have Bad Brakes After Being In Storage? Possible Problems That Need Fixed Fast

If you have recently taken your automobile out of storage where it sat all winter and you're noticing some issues with the brakes, you want to get the vehicle in right away. Not only is it dangerous to be driving a vehicle that has an error with the brake system, but it can also cause long term damage to the vehicle. The problem with the brakes could be something that needs a quick fix, or something that needs a lot of work, but only a real licensed mechanic should diagnose the problem for you. [Read More]