4 Common Car Air Conditioning System Issues And How To Fix Them

Is your auto air conditioning system not working correctly? The first step in repairing a malfunctioning vehicle air conditioner is to inspect the system to check for potential or existing problems.  Here are some common issues your car AC system inspection can reveal and their solutions. 1. Dirty Filter Your air conditioning system has an in-cabin filter that cleans the air as it moves through the system. The filter works by catching airborne contaminants that may lead to poor in-car air quality if allowed to enter the AC system. [Read More]

3 Reasons You Should Never Postpone Your Auto Glass Repair

It is quite common for people to put off any type of auto repairs that do not prevent them from being able to drive their car. Auto glass repairs are a perfect example of a type of repair that is often put on the back burner by vehicle owners. In some cases, individuals choose to postpone getting these repairs for financial reasons. In other cases, individuals claim to simply not have enough time in their schedule to take their vehicle in for repairs. [Read More]

Driveshaft Repair: 3 Instances When You'll Need It

Your car relies on the torque from the engine to rotate the wheels when you shift into drive. The prop-shaft is the part that sends this power from the engine to the wheels. This is especially so when you own a four-wheel drive vehicle that relies on a fit and healthy prop-shaft to deliver power to the front and back wheels. That said, excessive stress and corrosion may cause this part to fail, preventing your wheels from turning. [Read More]

Clues Your Brakes Need Servicing

Your brakes are the most critical and life-saving parts of your car. Even minor brake problems can be disastrous, so you should pay attention to any changes in your braking. Here are some clues there are problems with your brakes. Old Or Contaminated Brake Fluid  You should consult your owner's manual or a technician to determine when your brake fluid needs to be replaced. Learning how to check your own brake fluid can also help you spot problems. [Read More]